miércoles, 30 de abril de 2014

Star Wars & Humor

Ahora que se ha confirmado de manera oficial el cast del episodio VII de STAR WARS, con una deliciosa foto oficial en blanco y negro que aquí incluimos, es imposible resistirse a la tentación de fabular lo que cada miembro de ese talentoso equipo podría estar diciendo o pensando en ese mágico momento. 

JJ ABRAMS: You're part in the movie is huge, Harrison, it's gonna be great!
HARRISON FORD: Whatever, man... Just green-light Indy V
CARRIE FISHER: Yeah, no kidding... Kevin Smith started it all.
PETER MAYHEW: What?? I do have... lines in this movie???!!!!
BRYAN BURK: This is the cheapest shot we're ever goin' to get.
KATHLEEN KENNEDY: Don't you feel it? George is here, somewhere, sort of...
DOMHNALL GLEESON: How did I end up here?
ANTHONY DANIELS: So my character is going to evolve after six movies... Cool!
MARK HAMILL: And the Force May Be with me again... 32 years later.
ANDY SERKIS: What??!! I'm playing Jar-Jar Binks grandson???!!!
OSCAR ISAAC: So... this feels natural after working with the Coens.
JOHN BOYEGA: Just let me wipe out some aliens, man!
ADAM DRIVER: I'm the "Girls" dude, but I still can be the new Darth Vader.
LAWRENCE KASDAN: If anyone in this room talks about "Dreamcatcher" I'm leaving.

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